6. Biography of Allen Curnow to be published in 2017

There have been hints in various articles and references on the internet that the biography of Allen Curnow that Terry Sturm was working on before he passed away in 2009 would one day be published. A post on Facebook indicates that will finally happen in 2017 as Linda Cassells wrote the following there on 21 November 2016:

Does anyone know how I can contact the family of Dr James Walton, who was professor of English 1969-1983, and who died in 1998? I am editing a biography on the poet Allen Curnow, with whom Professor Walton taught while in New Zealand. The book, Simply by Sailing in a New Direction: A Biography of Allen Curnow by Terry Sturm, is to be published in 2017 by Auckland University Press. I need to clear permission to use brief extracts from Dr Walton’s letters to Allen Curnow.

It will be great to find out more details about this biography as and when they become available.  In an online obituary for Terry Sturm there is the following story which gives us some more background about the project and its origins:

In 2005 Terry published a rich selection of Curnow’s satiric verse, Whim Wham’s New Zealand; and at the time of his death he had already prepared a working text of the Collected Poems which he intended to publish after finishing the poet’s biography. It was typical of Terry’s extraordinary commitment that – despite the heartbreaking theft of the computer on which his work was stored – he continued to work on the Curnow project throughout his illness, completing the full draft only weeks before his death.  From http://nzbooks.org.nz/2009/obituaries/obituary-terry-sturm/

I am sure those of us who appreciate Allen Curnow’s poetry will all look forward to reading this book when it is finally published.