Allen Curnow


This site is a tribute to the poet Allen Curnow.  It aims to promote curiosity among others to discover his poems, provide information about his life and poetry and develop a community of those who share an interest in his poetry.  Thomas Allen Munro Curnow (ONZ CBE) lived from 1911 to 2001 and was actively writing and publishing poems throughout his long life.  He is most famous as a New Zealand poet but also wrote plays, critical reviews and satirical poetry.

The best poems should not leave one with that
“been there, done that”,  feeling.
There is something there that you will never get.
They will remain teasing and their essence – whatever their essence is – will elude one.
Allen Curnow, 2001

This website is starting simply with a blog and a variety of information about Allen Curnow.  Send any comments or thoughts on what you would like to see included here to:

Steven Moe, Christchurch